Archivo de la etiqueta: Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology

Visual function alterations in Alzheimer Disease: A case report

David Pablo Piñero, Begoña Monllor, Vicenta Moncho, Dolores de Fez.

Published: February 2016. Volume 51, Issue 1, Pages e16–e18.

logo-canadianjournalofophthalmologyAge-related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), are conditions in which a degenerative process affects the central nervous system, as well as visual functioning.1–5 Multichannel perimetry6–8 is a relatively new clinical tool that allows the clinician to analyze the visual function for the magno-, parvo-, and koniocellular pathways, with the possibility of detecting incipient alterations in each of these visual pathways that could not be detected in a conventional perimetric exam.

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